Intelligent charging – optimized for buildings

Electromobility takes not only place on the road but also in buildings. Most charging is done at home or at work. That’s why we enable smart charging in buildings by seamlessly integrating our Pico e-charging station into our energy management system.

In addition, our spin-off eCarUp offers a sophisticated billing and management solution for private, semi-private and public charging stations.

Pico e-charging station

Auto CarID and more.
The integrated smart meter collects highly precise measurement datas, what allows you to charge the loads of Pico with the same rates that you would otherwise use with your smart-me billing. Therefore Pico is up to the challenges of decentralized energy production.

Highlights e-charging station in the smart-me energymanagement


We want to make smart indoor charging as carefree as possible for you, so Pico naturally comes with free static load management. In addition, you can configure Pico to use only the available electrical capacity. All you have to do is define the maximum power of a group of Pico charging stations. This is how we protect the local grid from overload.


The smart-me billing allows charging with high, low, solar or otherwise a virtual rate at certain e-charging stations. Depending on the charging station, the rates are calculated to the minute (Pico) or on the basis of the load profile data (Zaptec, more in the future). In this way, charging stations with multiple rates can be billed.

Intelligent charging in buildings

With the help of our Pico charging station, the electric car can even be charged with its own electricity from the photovoltaic system (PV system). The prerequisite is that the electricity in the rest of the building is also measured with smart-me devices. Depending on local production and consumption, the charging power of the charging stations is adjusted accordingly. This maximizes self-consumption, and with a building battery this also works on a time-delayed basis.

eCarUp – clever charging station backend

Our spin-off eCarUp enables the uncomplicated management and billing of e-charging stations. eCarUp brings all charging stations together on one platform. The charging stations are brought into the cloud-based eCarUp platform via OCPP, API and software interface. The station operators manage their charging stations via app and web portal and design the business model towards the end customer on their own. They can define the usage rights and rates themselves.

Load App

eCarUp provides everything station operators and customers need for smart charging indoors or in public. This includes the mobile app with payment function, live view of the current charge, filter functions and much more.

Compatible with many charging stations

eCarUp is hardware independent and supports a wide range of manufacturers and models. Besides the smart-me Pico e-charging station, eCarUp has already integrated dozens of other charging stations. You can find a complete list on the eCarUp website.

eCarUp portal

eCarUp Free features include define prices, set opening hours, monitor status and usage live, charge loads by credit card and simple user management. With Premium licenses and the Gold partnership you get even more features like advanced user management, reports, maintenance, 15-minute imports and roaming.

The smart charging solution for utilities, real estate and businesses

The eCarUp platform brings decisive advantages to energy suppliers, charging station providers and companies:

Real Estate

eCarUp makes it easy to bill charging stations and integrate them with prosumers.

Integration in Prosumer Communities

Certain e-charging stations can also be billed in aggregations for self-consumption (Prosumer Communities), including billing for high, low and solar rates.


Use electric car charging stations to efficiently use solar power yourself.

Access control

Determine who can charge at your charging stations, when and at what price.


eCarUp enables you to offer customized solutions, which are also suitable for a possible future expansion of the charging infrastructure. In this way, the scope of functions and billing type per charging point can be compiled based on the respective requirements.

eCarUp offers API as well as standard software interface OCPP 1.6j.


eCarUp is independent of the charging hardware used, so your customers have a free choice of station.

Energy provider

eCarUp can be used to manage private and public charging stations. With eCarUp you have all charging stations on one platform. Furthermore, with eCarUp and the smart-me energy management solution, energy providers have a comprehensive offering for multi-family homes with their own solar system and charging stations.

Master login

Manage, control and bill charging points at different locations.


AutoExport allows charging stations to be billed through the existing EDM system.

White label

The app and web portal is also offered as white labeling.

eCarUp – the universal backend for every charging station

Whether you have already installed a charging station or are planning it, whether it’s one or hundreds, or you want to offer it privately or publicly – eCarUp brings all charging stations together on one platform to manage, control and charge them. For each of these charging stations you then determine who can load, when and at what price. The charging stations are integrated via the standard software interface in the cloud.

Prices Charging Station Backend

The prices of eCarUp are just like our charging solution: straight forward.
We take 10% commission on every credit card transaction.

eCarUp Free

  • Define Prices
  • Set Operating Hours
  • Live Monitoring of status and Use
  • Automated Billing
  • Simple User Management
CHF 0 .00
per month and charging point

eCarUp Premium

  • Define Prices
  • Set Operating Hours
  • Live Monitoring of status and Use
  • Automated Billing
  • Simple User Management
  • Advances User Management
  • Reports
  • Maintenance
  • 15-Minute Data Import
  • Roaming
CHF 2 .00
per month and charging point or one time CHF 240.-

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