Project Category: reference objects

Prosumer Gemeinschaft in Nidwalden. smart-me HArdware misst die Energieflüsse und die Energie wird mithilfe des Billing Tools abgerechnet.

Apartment Building “Oberbächli”

The apartment building Oberbächli is enhanced by an integrated energy concept combining both Minergie-A standard and renewables. Our comprehensive metering system enables efficient energy management. Made investments were less than 0.5% of the construction sum. Measuring concept All 68 metering points for electricity, heat, and water (hot and cold) are read by the smart-me meter...

Eingang der Schreinerei Telser. Das KMU verwendet smart-me Hardware für das Energiemonitoring und smart-e Software für das Lastmanagement.

SMB reference object – Energy monitoring at a joinery

Telser is a medium-sized company that specialises in high-quality fire-protection and sound-isolation doors. The joinery employs a staff of 100 and produces approximately 20’000 doors per year that are sold Europe-wide. Starting position Telser consumed 200kW in average but reached peak currents of up to 350kW. Services smart-me Energy monitoring Load management: In the...