Energy Billing Tool

For properties that produce their own energy, the smart-me energy billing tool is the ideal solution for the automatic generation of energy bills.

Billing tool functions

  • For all energy sources
  • Set your own billing period
  • Break down consumption using various tariffs, e.g. solar and grid power
  • Add your own design
  • Automatically included in the Professional subscription

Energy bills at the touch of a button

The smart-me billing tool requires minimal effort. Once it’s configured, bills are generated without manual interaction and even billing for unscheduled changes is straightforward. Compared to other solutions, you save an average of 50% per bill in costs. Naturally you can also add your own design.

Billing of shared facilities

The smart-me billing tool can also handle billing for the use of shared facilities according to the source of the energy. You can bill for energy consumption in electric filling stations, washing machines, dryers, etc., using the right energy costs – with no special cabling required.

Transparent energy billing

Authorised users have access to their personal consumption data in the smart-me cloud. This can be accessed at any time using the app or online login. The diagrams and reports provide a clear view of who used what energy when and at what tariff. Moreover, users gain insight into real-time data and avoid nasty surprises by having an alarm go off when certain thresholds are exceeded. This prevents conflict around energy billing.


The smart-me billing tool is a must for any property with in-house energy production and multiple users because it promotes trust through transparency, is cost effective and easy to use.

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