Energy Billing Tool

Create automated energy bills with the smart-me billing tool. The smart-me billing tool uses the energy data of the smart-me energy meter for electricity (3-phase meter Telstar | 1-phase meter) and the M-Bus gateway. The M-Bus gateway reads water, heat and gas meters. In this way you will receive an invoice for all energy sources.

Functions of the billing tool

The smart-me billing tool requires minimal effort. Once configured, the energy cost bills are created automatically. You can also easily create a bill at any time. Compared to other solutions, you save an average of 50% on costs per billing. Of course, you can also insert your own log and adress.

Authorized users have online access to their personal consumption data, including live consumption. In addition, these informations can be viewed at any time via the app. The graphics and reports clearly show how much energy was consumed when and at what tariff. In addition, users can create alarms when thresholds are exceeded.

Set different tariffs for solar power, gird power, night power, power from the battery, high tariff (HT), low tariff (NT),or just a single tariff if this is enough for you! In the smart-me cloud you can set as many different tariffs as needed.

Even when tenants are moving, you can use the billing tool to easily create energy bills. Because the billing periods are freely selectable.

Get all types of energy on one bill. The M-Bus gateway also records the energy measurement data from third-party meters and transfers them to the cloud. In this way, we create consumption-based energy cost bills for all energy sources.

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