SMB reference object – Energy monitoring at a joinery

Eingang der Schreinerei Telser. Das KMU verwendet smart-me Hardware für das Energiemonitoring und smart-e Software für das Lastmanagement.

Telser is a medium-sized company that specialises in high-quality fire-protection and sound-isolation doors. The joinery employs a staff of 100 and produces approximately 20’000 doors per year that are sold Europe-wide.

Starting position

Telser consumed 200kW in average but reached peak currents of up to 350kW.

Services smart-me

  • Energy monitoring
  • Load management: In the event of arising peak currents, irrelevant consuming devices are temporarily deactivated (1x shredder 45kW, 2x shredder 25kW, 1x exhaust fan 15kW).


Since these consumers are automatically cut from the grid, the peak currents were significantly reduced.

Hardware and costs

1 smart-me M-BUS Gateway: 448.00 EUR
1 transformer meter (3-phase, M-BUS, main connection) 295.00 EUR
3 smart-me Meter: 3 x 170.00 EUR
smart-me services: 7.60 EUR / month

Due to the low procurement costs, the investment was amortised within three months!


Posted on

7. December 2018