Virtual Batteries

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Energy storage is a “trending” topic. In particular, as more and more energy is sourced from renewable sources. Already, first investors are already installing batteries in new construction projects. However, the purchase of building batteries is and will remain in the foreseeable future capital-intensive. So, what alternatives do you have for builders today to make the most out of self-generated energy?

Net zero energy homes

It is no longer uncommon for a property to have a net zero energy balance over the year as a whole. But over the course of the year, energy production and consumption fluctuates considerably. To counteract this, modern buildings already use the existing dynamically controllable devices. These include heat pumps, boilers and increasingly also electric car charging stations. Thus, these serve as storage of excess energy. However, there is often a surplus of generated energy at certain times. A problem for prosumers, because they do not derive the full return from their solar systems.

Nearby alternatives

The obvious solution for prosumers are virtual batteries. Because these make the self-produced and thus cheaper solar power available throughout the year. The underlying concept is simple: if a property produces more electricity than it consumes at any given time, the surplus electricity is fed into the distribution network. The concrete quantity is measured exactly and later, if necessary, obtained back from the distribution network at a preferred price.

Vision of future decentralised energy management

Furthermore, virtual batteries could also tap into the unused potential of dynamically controllable devices in many buildings. Today, production fluctuations are offset by the reserves of energy providers. However, the use of locally produced energy elsewhere will open up new market dynamics in an environment increasingly shaped by renewable energies.

Visualisierung einer virtuellen Batterie eines Gebäudes mit eigener Energieproduktion, z.B. Solarpanels

Special role of electric mobility

In particular, the charges of electric cars are predestined to intercept supply peaks. The smart-me spin-off eCarUp has already implemented a functional load management and has developed decentralized network management functions with a view to the future energy landscape.

Virtual batteries are an indispensable product for prosumers

In conclusion, until the establishment of mass-market building batteries, virtual storage is the most viable option for prosumers to store energy, as it is less expensive and eliminates the risks of physical storage. As part of the smart-me energy management system, virtual batteries can be offered easily.

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