The smart-me 3-phase meters are now MID certified. These devices now conform to the Europe-wide MID standard and can be used for billing purposes.

Springboard to the world

This is not just a quality seal, it also expands options for market access. Because MID licensing applies throughout Europe, electricity meters can be sold in other countries without the expense of additional certification. Prosumers – users who blur the line between energy consumer and producer – are a driving force for energy transformation worldwide. They depend on precisely the kind of smart management solutions that smart-me offers.

The simple solution for private consumption

Along with this geographical expansion, new application areas are also opening up within the domestic market in Switzerland. And with the merging of private energy consumption that has been permitted since January 2018 – which allows owners to bill tenants directly for energy produced in the building – the smart-me metering system can provide the data basis for energy cost billing. Moreover, intelligent cloud software can provide additional functions such as visualisation and optimisation of energy flows. You can test the new technology live at

smart-me energy management

smart-me makes energy management easy, affordable and viable on a large scale. Our devices capture data from all energy sources, including electricity, heat, water and gas. The data is synchronised directly with the smart-me cloud via wifi. The cloud platform is the smart control centre for the collated energy data. This data can be accessed at any time via a smartphone app and through the web portal. Users receive visualisation tools, with the option to optimise their private consumption using intelligent rules and generate their own bills. A variety of open interfaces enable straightforward export to the user’s software program of choice.

About smart-me AG

smart-me AG was established in 2014. Its technology has attracted numerous awards and it has established itself as an innovative technology manufacturer. The smart-me team currently consists of twelve people working out of the Rotkreuz headquarters. The smart-me system (app and hardware) is currently used by around 3,000 customers with some 18,000 integrated measuring points (electricity, heat, water, gas).