Terms of use

1 The ‘smart-me’ web portal (hereinafter the ‘smart-me site’) operated by smart-me AG (hereinafter ‘smart-me’) serves registered users for analysis and evaluation of meter measurement values. For this, measurement data from the meters will be loaded to the smart-me server.

2 The data will be made available with no obligation and for purely informational purposes. For technical reasons, the data that can be retrieved from the smart-me site is not suitable as proof of actual energy input for third parties such as network operators.

3 smart-me assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, currency, completeness or constant availability of the retrievable measurement data or the smart-me site.

4 smart-me reserves the right to make changes such as additions and restrictions to the smart-me site at any time. Where possible, users will be informed in advance of any such changes.

5 smart-me stores the data that can be retrieved on the smart-me site, nonetheless it is not responsible either for the archiving or other form retention (such as backup) of the data. smart-me also reserves the right to delete or dilute any data that is more than one year old.

6 All rights associated with smart-me are reserved by smart-me.

7 The user is solely and completely responsible for any changes to system data (e.g. deletion of data) undertaken by users or their guest users and for text or images published through smart-me. smart-me reserves the right to delete without warning any content that offends decency or moral sensibilities.

8 Users are responsible for their guest users in the web portal and must instruct them carefully on the content of these Terms of Use and possible consequences of manipulation.

9 smart-me reserves the right to delete user accounts that have not been accessed for more than six months without further notice.

10 Upon losing a password, the user is responsible for generating password-protected access anew through the ‘Forgotten password’ function. Should the user fail to do this, smart-me cannot guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of data in the web portal.

11 The personal data collected by smart-me, such as names and email addresses, is only used for smart-me’s purposes and for customer information purposes. The measurement data may be used in anonymised form for technical evaluation.

12 I hereby declare my consent for smart-me to send me information concerning any new features as well as any changes, restrictions or extensions required for proper operation and effective usage of the portal (which I may revoke at any time).

13 Our General Data Protection Guidelines apply.

14 To the extent permitted by law, smart-me excludes any liability to users related to the operation of smart-me and the data that can be retrieved there.

15 These Terms of Use are exclusively subject to Swiss law. Jurisdiction is Schwyz, Switzerland. smart-me AG Rotkreuz, 01/10/2018