Our Pico charging stations are suitable for all electromobility applications, including private, semi-public, and public use. Billing options are flexible, allowing for multiple tariffs or automatic credit card payments. Our smart load management system ensures efficient and solar-optimized energy distribution, preventing power line overloads in buildings and neighborhoods.

Pico – The charging station for every scenario

Pico charging stations are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. They feature a large display for easy communication with drivers. Thanks to the backplates, they can be installed cost-effectively on flat cables or stands. Pico can be activated using an app, RFID, or CarID, and it provides real-time data on charging power and energy consumption to both the system owner and the driver.

smart-me Billing Tool, Energiekostenabrechnung

For which scenarios are Pico charging stations suitable?

Private parking lots in apartment buildings or for condominiums

Employee parking lots at SMEs or public institutions

Semi-public charging points, e.g. in visitor parking lots at restaurants or hotels

Public in parking lots in the city center, at public facilities or along main traffic routes.

Unlimited load management

Pico E-Ladestation und Multilevel Lastmanagement im Einsatz Intelligentes Laden

Our smart control system ensures optimal distribution of the charging power, reliably secures the supply lines in the building at all times, even during cloud connection failures and preventing costly peak loads. The system is easy to configure and can monitor electrical installations across up to six levels in a building or neighborhood, making it suitable for very large installations. Built-in solar optimization ensures sustainable consumption of locally generated energy.

What is Multilevel Load Management (MLM) from smart-me capable of?

Multilevel, dynamic load distribution across up to six levels

Optimization of solar energy usage

Tariff optimization

Prioritization of charging groups

Load shedding

Skew load balancing cooming soon!

Offline fallback scenarios

Automated Billing


Pico charging stations are MID-certified and support automated billing with various tariffs (e.g. high, low, and solar tariffs) through smart-me Billing in a legally compliant manner. Open interfaces guarantee simple integration into a wide range of billing solutions. The eCarUp Backend can be used to process charging sessions fully automated via credit card and without a collection process.

Which billing types can be realized?
  • High and low tariffs in a building via automated PDF per user
  • High, low and solar tariffs in a ZEV via automated PDF per user
  • Via export in various formats such as Excel, CSV
  • Fully automated credit card processing via the eCarUp Backend.
  • Via any billing service provider using a digital software interface (API)

Simply charge, easily manage – your eCarUp Backend

Our spin-off, eCarUp, offers a simple solution for managing and billing e-charging stations. eCarUp brings all charging stations together on one platform. The charging stations are integrated into the cloud-based eCarUp platform via OCPP, API and software interface. Station owners can manage their charging stations via app and web portal, where they can create custom business models for their customers. They can determine the rights of use and tariffs themselves.

eCarUp App Screen Live Charging Electric Car

Charging App

eCarUp provides everything that station operators and customers need for smart charging in buildings or in public. This includes the mobile app with payment function, live view of the current charge, filter functions and much more.

Compatible with many charging stations

eCarUp is hardware-independent and supports a wide range of manufacturers and models. In addition to the smart-me Pico e-charging station, eCarUp has already integrated dozens of other charging stations. A complete list can be found on the eCarUp website.


Free eCarUp Free functions include defining prices, setting opening hours, live monitoring of status and usage, charging by credit card and simple user management. With premium licenses and the gold partnership, you get even more functions such as extended user management, reports, maintenance, 15-minute imports and roaming.

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