smart-me Cloud

Access all your energy data from anywhere with your usual devices.

Increase building self-sufficiency with valuable insights based on real-time data. Keep track of all that is happening on site and stay on top of energy flows.

Reduce on-site time.  Our energy meters are quickly installed and connect directly to our cloud. The entire configuration takes place through the simple web interface – no programming knowledge required.

Live Monitoring

Use the powerful visualisation tools to visualize data across the building. Carry out in-depth analyses of load profiles, own consumption and identify faulty devices.


Control & Optimize

Switch devices on and off in real-time from anywhere using insights from data to better manage load peaks and own consumption.


The smart-me Billing Tool creates automated energy invoices. These are presented in a transparent, easy-to-understand manner.

Get virtual

Create virtual batteries, virtual meters and virtual tariffs to accurately track the buildings performance, use dynamic energy tariffs and stay right on target with your energy goals.


Share historic data, key metrics and real-time production figures automatically with third party applications and service providers through the smart-me API.

Export functions

Auto Export your meter data automatically to third party systems. You can also generate highly customizable reports. Quick to prepare, template-based and easy to share with colleagues, tenants and partners.

Become Partner

We only sell our products to specialist partners. Get in touch with us to learn how to become a partner. As a smart-me partner, you get hardware and software from a single source. You buy directly from us and can rely on the support of our support.

Mobile App

Access live data from the entire metering infrastructure and drill down to see the status of each meter or device on the go. Stay on top of key metrics from anywhere thanks to the user-friendly app for iOS and Android.


Our energy meters are MID-certified and provide billing-relevant data to the smart-me cloud. This means that you can use the data to create energy cost statements. For example, with the Billing Tool. The billing tool is included in a professional licence.

Multi Energy

The M-Bus Gateway brings electricity, heat, water and gas meters into the cloud. Especially for new buildings, you can bill not only electricity, but also heat and water.

With Pico, you also integrate the charging current into your energy management system in real time. In addition, we also import the 15-minute values from easee and Zaptec e-charging stations.