EV Charging Station

Discover Pico, the Swiss high-tech charging station that connects directly to the cloud via Wi-Fi or mobile communications. With an integrated MID-certified smart meter, Pico delivers high-precision measurement data. This charging station can be seamlessly integrated into backends, energy management systems and other third-party systems. Pico not only features efficient static load management to optimize energy usage, but also offers dynamic multi-level load management for smart control in any building. Welcome to the future of intelligent electromobility!


Functional Design

Immerse yourself in the world of our innovative AC charging station, developed by our talented team of engineers. Charge your electric car quickly and effortlessly. The outstanding feature of our e-charging station is the integrated MID-certified smart meter, including security processor. This guarantees precise consumption measurement and ensures reliable and secure billing.

German alibration law, MID and CH load profile certified

Pico is certified in accordance with German calibration law, MID and CH load profile. This means you can bill with legal certainty.


Load management

Static, dynamic and multilevel load management. Pico offers the most advanced load management.


Billing with tariffs

Our e-charging station can be billed with different tariffs, such as solar, low or high tariff .


User management

Drivers authenticate themselves via RFID, NFC, app and is compatible with Plug&Charge (ISO15118). Authentication can also be deactivated if required. The charging cable can be firmly locked to the charging station.


Wireless connected

The charging station is connected to the smart-me cloud via Wi-Fi and mobile communications. Pico can also be connected to any backend via OCPP 1.6j.


Safe & robust

Our e-charging station meets the highest safety standards. It is also weatherproof so that it can be used both indoors and outdoors.



Pico can be mounted as a wallbox or on a stand with one or two charging points. For this purpose, an attachable stand head system is used, which can be easily exchanged. The stand is made of hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated steel and is therefore corrosion-resistant. Due to the stable welding seams and robust shape, the stand is safe from vandalism. The charging cable can be suspended via an additionally attached metal hook and thus does not lie on the ground.


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