3-Phase Meter Telstar CT

The converter version of our 3-phase meter Telstar 80A is the perfect measuring point for your PV system, e-mobility outlets and balance meters. The Telstar CT synchronizes the data automatically via WLAN to our smart-me cloud.

3-Phasenzähler Telstar CT

Measuring PV systems, e-mobility and balance meters

With smart-me, you have the solution to make the most of your energy. Experience how easy it is to manage, analyze and optimize your energy consumption data. Get the smart-me Telstar CT 3-phase meter now!


In the cloud, you can expect comprehensive energy management with many functions, such as visualizations, a billing tool, intelligent optimizations and alarms. This way, you always have an overview of your energy consumption and production and can act efficiently.

Third-party systems

You can export the collected measurement data to a variety of third-party systems via the smart-me cloud. This gives you maximum flexibility in the use of your energy data.




The encrypted WiFi connection directly to the smart-me cloud enables easy transmission of your measured values. The cloud provides you with various tools to visualize, control and bill your energy data. For example, you can use if/then actions to optimize your own consumption of PV systems or smooth out peak loads.

smart-me Partner

We only sell our products to partners. Participation in the partner training makes you a smart-me partner. As a smart-me partner, you receive hardware and software from a single source. You buy directly from us and can rely on our support.

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