Manage Energy Flows in Prosumer Communities

Monitor, control and charge all your energy sources – easily via the app or PC. The ideal solution for prosumers.

Energy Billing

Create energy bills for electricity, water and heat at the push of a button with the smart-me billing tool or use your existing billing system.


Intelligent apps support your customers in energy monitoring and optimization. Visualizations creates transparency and trust. Available as a mobile app and TV app.

Incorporate e-charging points

Integrate the charge of electric cars into energy management. Charging stations with multiple users can be easily managed via eCarUp.

Optimise Own Consumption

Optimize energy flows in real time by dynamically controlling consumers at the building and, if applicable, neighborhood level.

White Labelling

The individual components are supplied either in a smart-me design or as a white label. In this way, they can be seamlessly integrated into your portfolio or that of your customers.


Introduce your customers to the most innovative solutions by integrating various third party systems.