Electricity, heat, water and e-charging stations of this apartment building are all visualized, optimized and billed on the smart-me platform.


Energy Billing

Create energy bills for electricity, water and heat at the push of a button with the smart-me billing tool or use your existing billing system.

Live Energy Management

See energy consumption and production in real time on the web portal.

Self-consumption optimization

Optimize self-consumption by dynamically controlling loads at the building and, if necessary, neighborhood level.

Integrate electric car charging

Integrate electric car charging into energy management. Via eCarUp, charging stations with multiple users can be easily managed.

Intuitive user interfaces

Intelligent apps support your customers in energy monitoring and optimization. Visualization creates transparency and trust.

White Label

The individual components are supplied either in smart-me design or as white labels. This allows them to be seamlessly integrated into your portfolio or that of your customers.

Microgrid Echallens – Osiris

Microgrid Echallens – Osiris

Microgrids play a key role in the energy transition and the Swiss sustainability agenda. Switzerland aims to be climate-neutral by 2050 and microgrids are a...

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How it works

The energy data is transferred to the smart-me cloud via WLAN. You can then assign the meters to properties and apartments in the web portal. You can also define the tariffs for electricity, heat, water and gas yourself. You can also create virtual tariffs, for example a solar or battery tariff. In addition, it is possible to add other costs to the energy cost statement. You can then create energy cost statements at the push of a button. You can download these and send them by mail.

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