Multilevel load management

Smart charge with Pico EV charging station and save on electricity costs with dynamic load management.

The smart-me Multilevel load management tool is an advanced entry point into dynamic load management – with real and up to date energy values, data sovereignty, reliability, verifiable results and transparency.

Multilevel dynamic load management

The system portrays various buildings with diverse circuit protections, responding in real-time to electricity consumption and production fluctuations.

The dynamic load management system in multi-level settings can illustrate multiple buildings with different circuit protections and respond in real-time to fluctuations in electricity consumption and production. Whether you have single or multiple underground garages and/or visitor parking spaces, this capability can be demonstrated through MLM.

Load management tree

A visual solution for easy load management configuration.

The tree workspace maps a real representation of measuring points and Pico charging station groups, resulting in a simple and fast load management configuration. Visual representations can support effective communication and understanding among project stakeholders.

Solar energy optimization

Maximize solar energy utilization for cost reduction, increased energy independence, and long-term sustainability

The smart-me system can distinguish between grid power and solar power. By prioritizing solar energy as the main power source for Pico groups, maximizing its usage. You can optimize solar energy either across the entire area or within individual buildings.

Tariff optimization

Reduce tariff costs by combining smart scheduling tools and peak shaving techniques

Control charging capacities of Pico groups at specific times. Define grid current consumption for each group to cap total power draw during peak hours. This approach minimizes unnecessary spikes in energy usage, especially in large consumer areas and industries, leading to a reduction in overall costs.

Boost different charging groups 

Have full control over which Pico groups can have more charging capacity

Charge vehicles efficiently within the maximum available power, and according to the Pico group charging capacity. Set smart prioritized charging for a certain Pico group in just a couple of clicks to increase the charging speed. 

Moreover, you can easily integrate the Pico chargers into our eCarUp backend and bill the power directly to your tenants, visitors or even the public.

Dynamic adjustment of energy capacity

Integrate consumption or production circuits dynamically into system calculations

Categorize branches in the electrical system without specific groups as “other circuits present”. Manually add meters to incorporate house consumption or solar power production. This ensures continuous living, cooking, and heating alongside maximizing available energy for e-mobility.

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