Billing Tool

With us, energy cost billing for real estate becomes a minor matter. Say goodbye to paperwork and Excel files and bill energy consumption simply, digitally and transparently.

Multienergie - electricity, heat, water, gas

The smart-me billing tool uses both the energy data from our hardware and the data from other energy meters. In this way, we create consumption-based energy cost statements for all energy sources.

Flexible tariffs

In the smart-me cloud you can set as many different tariffs as you need in your property. Set different tariffs for solar power, grid power, night power, power from battery or any other tariff you create.


Automate processes and digitize your energy cost billing. Once configured, the energy cost statements are created and sent automatically.


Tried and tested

The smart-me billing is used in thousands of buildings and areas in Switzerland and Germany.

Reading meters via the cloud

Create your energy bill from wherever you are. Since all energy data is with us in the cloud in real time, you can access it at any time and from anywhere. So you can create your energy bill online from anywhere in the world. And since you can set up an alarm for failed meters, you can also be sure to always have all the data for them at hand.

Third Party Systems

Complex service charge settlement? Then use one of the third-party systems that use our API. Third-party systems integrate the smart-me meter data directly via smart-me API or via other automated interfaces. This way you benefit from the precise smart-me meter data and can still use your preferred software.

This is how our energy billing works

The energy data is transferred to the smart-me cloud via WLAN. You can then assign the meters to properties and apartments in the web portal. You can also define the tariffs for electricity, heat, water and gas yourself. You can also create virtual tariffs, for example a solar or battery tariff. In addition, it is possible to add other costs to the energy cost statement. You can then create energy cost statements at the push of a button. You can download these and send them by mail.

Electricians & Planners

You can either offer billing yourself as a service or hand it over to your customers. You will learn how to set up billing in our partner training.


Landlords & Owners

With smart-me billing, you create transparent energy cost statements for all energy sources. Our partners support you with the installation and integration of the appropriate energy meters.

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