Monitor, control and charge all your energy sources – easily via the app or PC

Energy Meter

The smart-me energy measuring devices make up the most modern measuring infrastructure. Our hardware connects to the smart-me cloud via WiFi and provides real-time data. The energy measuring devices and their outputs can be controlled using automated cloud commands.


The smart-me cloud is the central platform for your energy data. It offers a variety of tools for monitoring, billing and optimising energy for you and your customers.

Open interfaces

smart-me offers interfaces for third-party systems as well as integrations into existing company software. In this way we enable you to put together tailor-made solutions for your customers and maximum flexibility for you.

3-Phase Meter Telstar

with direct connection to the cloud

3-Phasen Meter Telstar Bild

Live Data

MID Certification

Cloud Service Pricing

Energy monitoring comes free with smart-me devices. A professional subscription comes with additional energy management functions.


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  • 1 measurement value per 15 minutes
  • Reports (only csv)
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per meter per month, or one time €179.00 per meter (exl. VAT)
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