Monitor, control and charge all your energy sources – easily via the app or PC

Energy Meter

The smart-me energy measuring devices make up the most modern measuring infrastructure. Our hardware connects to the smart-me cloud via WiFi and provides real-time data. The energy measuring devices and their outputs can be controlled using automated cloud commands.


The smart-me cloud is the central platform for your energy data. It offers a variety of tools for monitoring, billing and optimising energy for you and your customers.

Open interfaces

smart-me offers interfaces for third-party systems as well as integrations into existing company software. In this way we enable you to put together tailor-made solutions for your customers and maximum flexibility for you.

3-Phase Meter Telstar

with direct connection to the cloud

3-Phasen Meter Telstar Bild

Live Data

MID Certification

Cloud Service Pricing

Energy monitoring is for free for smart-me devices. A professional subscription comes with additional energy management functions.


  • Standard for API and M-Bus meters
  • M-Bus Gatway
  • ---
  • 1 measurement value per 15 minutes (API)
  • Reports: manual CSV export
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2 .20
per meter per month, or one time €179.00 per meter (exl. VAT)
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The respective account status is only achieved if each metering point in the account has the same licence level.

Professional = All meters in the account have a Professional licence.

The meter with the lowest status in the account determines the overall account status. Mixed accounts are impossible and remain in Basic or Limited status if the number of licences is insufficient.