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Energy in the Digital Age

Monitor, control and charge all your energy sources easily online.

Energy Meters

Our energy meters are the basis for a modern measuring infrastructure. Our hardware connects to the smart-me cloud via WiFi and provides real-time data. The energy measuring devices and their outputs can be controlled using automated cloud commands.


The smart-me cloud is the central platform for your energy data. It offers a variety of tools for monitoring, billing and optimizing energy.


smart-me offers interfaces for third-party systems as well as integrations into existing company software. In this way we enable you to put together tailor-made solutions for your customers and maximum flexibility for you.

How it works

The energy data is transferred to the smart-me cloud via WLAN. You can then assign the meters to properties and apartments in the web portal. You can also define the tariffs for electricity, heat, water and gas yourself. You can also create virtual tariffs, for example a solar or battery tariff. In addition, it is possible to add other costs to the energy cost statement.

smart-me eCarUp Schema (EN)

Our Meters and EV Charging Station

smart-me provides the technology to monitor, optimize and bill energy in real time. smart-me energy meters and the functions of the cloud platform form a comprehensive energy management system and create added value for you and your customers.

e-ladestation 22kW
3-Phasen Meter Telstar
M-Bus Gateway


We only sell our products to partners. Attending the partner training makes you a smart-me partner. As a smart-me partner, you get hardware and software from a single source. You buy directly from us and can rely on the support of our support.

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What we do

The smart-me technology allows energy to be precisely measured, controlled, optimized and billed. In addition to the app for end customers, smart-me offers various partners from the energy industry a comprehensive energy management platform, which makes it possible to offer innovative services and products for decentralized energy systems.

Energy Management

We have the energy management solution for prosumers. The smart-me energy meters deliver real-time data in order to optimally control, easily bill and optimize the energy.


smart-me energiemanagement in einem Zusammenschluss zum Eigenverbrauch (ZEV)
Pico EV-Charging on wooden wall

Charging Electric Cars

Charging infrastructure in buildings can be easily managed with eCarUp, our solution for charging stations. Billing, solar power optimization and user management made easy for you and your customers.

Billing Energy – Multi-Energy

Bill water, heat, gas and charging electricity.

The M-Bus Gateway brings electricity, heat, water and gas meters into the cloud. Especially for new buildings, you can bill not only electricity, but also heat and water.

With Pico, you also integrate the charging current into your energy management system in real time. In addition, we also import the 15-minute values from various other EV charging stations.


Proven in practice

Our technology is used in thousands of commercial and appartment buildings

Cloud Licenses

Digitize your energy management with cloud licenses from smart-me. Choose the right license for your hardware and your requirements and use many functions to monitor, bill and control energy effectively.


Heating / cooling / water / gas


Compatible with M-Bus gateway

CHF99.- per measuring point

10-year term. Alternative CHF 2.20 per month, can be changed at any time.

Increase your possibilities with the Professional heating / cooling / water / gas license: Professional functions for a start into higher performance.


All energy types

For all energy meters (including Telstar and Pico)

CHF169.- per measuring point

10-year term. Alternative CHF 2.20 per month, can be changed at any time.

Maximum functionality, unlimited possibilities: The Professional All Energy Types license includes all cloud functions for unlimited productivity.


Minimum license for each metering point that is connected to the smart-me Cloud

Discover the basics with our Basic license: a consumption view for third-party devices.


smart-me Hardware

License automatically included with the purchase of smart-me hardware.

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