An app for comprehensive energy management

We bring your photovoltaic system, boiler, heat pump and other energy consumers and generators together on one platform. There you can see live which devices are currently switched on or off and how much energy they are consuming. Our app not only visualizes individual devices, but also clearly summarizes entire apartments, buildings and areas. In addition, you can easily optimize your own consumption with if/then actions and third-party systems.


Our app maps the energy consumption of entire apartments, buildings and areas. This gives you an overview of all types of energy.



With If/Then actions you determine yourself when which consumers should be switched automatically.


One look at our app is enough to see how much electricity your photovoltaic system is currently producing or how much hot water the last shower needed.

Energy Management App

Real time energy data

In the smart-me energy management app, you can see real-time data on your energy consumption and production. You can get detailed information about your electricity, heat and water consumption at any time and from anywhere. The app allows you to monitor energy consumption in real time, identify trends and perform accurate analysis. This is especially useful for increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs.

Energiemonitoring App

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