3-Phase Meter Telstar 80A

Discover the smart-me Telstar – the certified 3-phase meter with integrated WLAN interface that offers you a whole new dimension in real-time data transmission. With the Telstar you have the easiest way to visualize energy, calculate the measured data and intelligently optimize your own consumption.


3-Phasen Meter Telstar

Control and Measurement

The smart-me Telstar offers the highest accuracy and precise measurements. With its CE, MID and RED certification, it meets EU and Swiss requirements for load profile and reactive energy measurements, making it ideal for your billing purposes.



Important measured values such as active energy (kWh), active power (kW), reactive energy (kvarh), reactive power (kvar), current (A), voltage (V) and power factor (cosφ) are reliably recorded and are available to you for comprehensive consumption analyses.



WLAN communication

Thanks to Wi-Fi communication, data is transferred seamlessly and securely to the smart-me cloud. Your data is important to us, so we store it securely for two months in case of Wi-Fi outages and our server location is in Switzerland.



Connection to the cloud

In our web portal, you can view your consumption and benefit from other powerful tools, such as if/then actions for energy optimization. For example, we can optimize your heat pump usage or electric car charging.


smart-me Partner

We only sell our products to partners. Participation in the partner training makes you a smart-me partner. As a smart-me partner, you receive hardware and software from a single source. You buy directly from us and can rely on our support.

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