Billing e-charging stations in ZEV & tenant electricity

smart-me billing allows charging with high, low, solar or other virtual tariffs at certain e-charging stations. Depending on the charging station, the tariffs are calculated to the minute (Pico) or based on 15-minute values. In this way, charging stations can be billed with several tariffs.

smart-me Billing Tool, Energiekostenabrechnung

How our smart metering technology works

Our smart meters record energy consumption in real time. This data is transmitted to the smart-me cloud via WLAN. You can access this data in real time in the web portal. The data is presented in the form of clear graphics and dashboards. The collected energy data is analyzed to identify consumption patterns, peak loads, inefficient devices or areas. This allows you to understand energy consumption and take action to improve energy efficiency.

In addition, our web portal also provides a billing tool. You set the tariffs for electricity, heat, water, gas there yourself. You can also create virtual tariffs, for example a solar or battery tariff. In addition, it is possible to add other costs to the energy bill.

smart-me eCarUp Schema (EN)
EV charging station


Auto CarID and much more. The integrated smart meter collects high-precision measurement data. This allows you to charge Pico with the same tariffs that you would otherwise use in smart-me billing. This means that Pico is up to the challenges of decentralized energy production.

eCarUp AG – free e-charging station backend

Our spin-off eCarUp enables the uncomplicated management and billing of e-charging stations. eCarUp brings all charging stations together on one platform. The charging stations are brought into the cloud-based eCarUp platform via OCPP, API and software interface. The station operators manage their charging stations via app and web portal and design the business model for the end customer themselves. They can determine the usage rights and tariffs themselves.

eCarUp App Screen Live Charging Electric Car

Charging App

eCarUp provides everything that station operators and customers need for smart charging in buildings or in public. This includes the mobile app with payment function, live view of the current charge, filter functions and much more.

Compatible with many charging stations

eCarUp is hardware-independent and supports a wide range of manufacturers and models. In addition to the smart-me Pico e-charging station, eCarUp has already integrated dozens of other charging stations. A complete list can be found on the eCarUp website.


Free eCarUp Free functions include defining prices, setting opening hours, live monitoring of status and usage, charging by credit card and simple user management. With premium licenses and the gold partnership, you get even more functions such as extended user management, reports, maintenance, 15-minute imports and roaming.

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