Monitor, manage and bill e-charging stations. Electromobility is taking place not only on the street, but also in the building. Because most vehicles are charged there. smart-me integrates e-charging stations seamlessly into the building. On the one hand charges can be settled fairly and uncomplicatedly, e.g. in prosumer communities as another point in the energy bill (smart-me billing tool). On the other hand, the self-consumption of self-produced solar power can be increased.

As long as you only manage and / or monitor permanently assigned charging stations, it is sufficient to integrate them into smart-me. However, if you also want to charge charging stations that are used by several people, we recommend eCarUp.

eCarUp – the universal backend for every charging station

Whether you have already installed a charging station or are planning it, whether it’s one or hundreds, or you want to offer it privately or publicly – eCarUp brings all charging stations together on one platform to manage, control and charge them. For each of these charging stations you then determine who can load, when and at what price. The charging stations are either retrofitted with an electricity meter or integrated via the standard software interface in the cloud.


The eCarUp web portal and the eCarUp app provide you with a number of free functions:

  • Access control – Determine who, when and at what price can charge your charging stations.
  • Viewing Charges – View loading information live and see if a station is busy or offline.
  • Connection – eCarUp provides access to more than 80,000 public charging stations across Europe.

Additional functions

In addition, eCarUp offers chargeable additional functions:

Load Management

  • The load management distributes the available amount of electricity. The building energy can also be taken into account, so that e-cars can be charged solar optimized.
CHF 3 .00
per month and charging point


  • Reports allow a detailed evaluation per charging point or user. Costs are shown transparently and the VAT rate can be defined by yourself.
CHF 2 .00
per month and charging point


  • Maintenance allows advanced configurations and diagnostics of OCPP stations. This allows you to detect faults faster and remedy them remotely.
CHF 1 .00
per month and charging point

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