The apartment building Oberbächli is enhanced by an integrated energy concept combining both Minergie-A standard and renewables. Our comprehensive metering system enables efficient energy management. Made investments were less than 0.5% of the construction sum.

Measuring concept

All 68 metering points for electricity, heat, and water (hot and cold) are read by the smart-me meter infrastructure and synchronized in real-time to the cloud. The energyflows can be recalled at anytime in the app or on the desktop computer and optimized according to economic considerations.

Monitoring & Analysis

Owner, property manager and renters view energy data on the smart-me platform in easy to understand visualizations in their chosen time period. Data export is foolproof.

Energy billing

The multiple apartments building Oberbächli is also a mini electricity service provider. Solar power produced on the roof is sold directly to the renters – for a fixed price and without detour to the public grid. As a consequence the solar panels are economically more efficient and is amortized faster. Moreover renters profit from a better prices.

At the end of every billing period an accurate energy billing can be generated at the touch of a button. All energy sources and their corresponding prices are accounted for (solar, grid, heat, water) separately.


The charging stations are integrated in the metering system and are easily activated by renters and guests via eCarUp App. All charging events are accurately accounted vor and self-produced solar power is used when possible. The renters profit from a growing network of charging points. The eCarUp App makes finding, activating and paying for charging a breeze.

Optimization of energy use

Big consumers (heaters, boilers, heat pumps, and charging stations) can be switched on/off in coordination with the solar panel production. The locally produced energy is locally used.

“The intelligent smart-me metering infrastructure makes it possible for me to control the energy flows in my building. The energy data allow it to manage my building ecologically as well as economically. Regarding the price-cost-ratio today’s technological possibilities, there is no reason not to choose the green option.”

Thomas Käslin, Owner