Smart Energy for Companies

Easy energy management and peak shaving for companies

Energy Monitoring and Optimization

Analyse and optimize energy – easily. Smart metering in companies can bring huge energy and cost savings. With our 3-phase and 1-phase meters you get the most precise insight into your energy consumption. You can also control your loads from your desktop computer with our clever energy management tools.

Multienergie - electricity, heat, water, gas

Our platform integrates both the energy data from our hardware and the data from other energy meters. In this way,you get the best data for all energy types.

Flexible tariffs

In the smart-me cloud you can set as many different tariffs as you need in your property. Set different tariffs for solar power, grid power, night power, power from battery or any other tariff you create.

IS0 50001

Energy monitoring creates transparency. The smart-me energy management system is also eligible for BAFA funding.