3-Phase Meter Telstar

smart-me Telstar Stromzähler mit Mobilfunkanbindung

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The smart-me Telstar 80A is a powerful and precise 3-phase meter with an integrated WiFi or mobile communications interface. Consequently, utilities as well as customers obtain real-time energy data. The meter can be quickly connected to the smart-me cloud and automatically synchronises the data in an encrypted format. This is the easiest way of visualising energy consumption in real time and intelligently controlling ones own consumption. Moreover, the collected measurement data can be exported to a variety of third-party systems.

Electricity meter with app

The 3-phase meter offers a customer interface as standard. This holds an immense savings potential. Customers not only see their own consumption data in the smart-me app. Moreover, there are also other tools available such as if / then actions for energy optimization that you can create yourself. As a result private households are benefiting for the first time from the advantages of the energy transition.

Measure and bill prosumers

The smart-me 3-phase meter may be used in associations of prosumers for billing purposes. The smart-me billing tool was specially developed for these. It enables automated energy cost billing for all energy sources. In addition to electricity, water, heat or gas meters can be integrated into the smart-me platform via the M-Bus gateway.

Functions 3-Phase Meter

  • Encrypted real-time data connection to the intelligent smart-me cloud
  • Remote switches, time switches and condition-based switches via the outputs
  • Comprehensive energy data management and visualisation, automatic billing as well as intelligent control and alarms using the smart-me cloud
  • Floating contact outputs for controlling external devices (one of them with an integrated 8A relay)
  • Floating contact input for tariff signal or digital input
  • Easy installation with the free smart-me app and thanks to mesh technology. This means that a meter with a connection can bring up to four additional meters online.
  • Interface to a variety of third-party systems such as billing and building management systems as well as smart home systems (via API, CSV, MSCONS, IS-E)

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Sale to businesses only