Energy Metering Devices


Capture measurement data easily

smart-me offers a range of energy meters for applications ranging from residential customers to large industrial customers. The values they capture are transmitted to the cloud platform in real time via a wifi interface. Additional contact outputs lets you control external devices.

Wifi communication

The energy meters are plug and play: once connected to the local WiFi, meters start sending data. No additional hardware required.

Compact design

Our space-saving design reduces installation costs. The smart meters are installed on a standard DIN-rail. That makes installation a case of a few minutes.

Billing specific data

smart-me’s range of energy devices meets your full scope of metering needs for any energy type. Additionally, the 3-Phase meter is MID-certificated, providing billing-specific data.

smart-me Hardware

M-Bus Gateway

The M-BUS gateway sends data from M-BUS meters (water, heat, gas, etc.) to the cloud.


Kamstrup Module

The smart-me module integrates the Kamstrup Omnipower energy meter into the smart-me cloud.